What Can I Buy for $1500 Budget?

Once you have the $1000 Budget done you maybe want to consider to continue on that path of building your car at your taste, or like I said earlier maybe you just have a bigger budget and ask yourself what can I buy for 1500 dollars to upgrade my car. If you go with the second option I would recommend beginning with the parts in the $1000 Budget and add the turbo inlet and the strut bar.


Turbo Inlet

The primary purpose of an aftermarket turbo inlet is to replace the OEM turbo inlet with a better flowing unit. The silicone inlet also increases the diameter for better flow and increases reliability. That in itself makes a huge difference on how much nicer the car drive, respond and sound.

There are the companies that you can choose from:


–  Cobb

–  ATP

–  JBR (James Barone Racing)

–  HTP

–  CP-E (Custom Performance Engineering)



Front Strut Bar / Tower Bar

If the chassis is bending, the suspension system is not being used to its full potential. This bar helps reduce chassis flex, allowing the dampers, springs, and stabilizers to show their true ability. The strut tower bar is arguably one of the least expensive upgrades that can provide a very high degree of benefit that is felt immediately after installing. Often one of the first modifications performed on a vehicle, the strut tower brace improves handling and stability of a vehicle. By connecting the strut towers, and creating a balance, the shocks are prevented from independently moving and causing small changes in suspension geometry.

If purchased, ensure that it will clear the OEM TMIC or any chosen aftermarket TMIC.

There are the companies that you can choose from:


–  Autoexe

–  GT Spec

–  Tanabe


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